Inauguration Água Prata Aqueduct Lighting – Évora | MUNICIPALITIES & COMMUNITIES

Aqueduto Évora

JJTOMÉ attended this public ceremony on 6 August 2019 at the invitation of the Mayor, Mr. Carlos Pinto de Sá.

The intervention focused on the section located between Rua do Muro and Rua do Salvador and was undertaken by JJTOMÉ, to which the task of ‘illuminating the aqueduct’ was delegated, for the first time, at 9:45 pm on the big day.

Using European funding, the intervention focused on the elevations, top-capping and underside of the arches. The project sought to optimise the perception of the monument, adopting different shade lighting for its elevations and inside the arcades. Thus, the chromatic contrasts were conceived taking into account the actual light of the lamps on existing public lighting, thus accentuating the presence of the aqueduct.

Equipment has been selected that ensures effective control of light emission, avoiding dispersion and ensuring well-being in neighbouring buildings. Thus, anti-glare grids were used in the luminous areas most likely to create discomfort and the lighting of the elevations on the inside of the wall was based on LED Light, creating chromatic contrast with the public lighting.