João Jacinto Tomé SA (JJTOMÉ) is the Portuguese affiliate of EIFFAGE ÉNERGIE SYSTÈMES, a company of the EIFFAGE Group specialised in the accomplishment and management of ‘turnkey’ projects in the field of energy, including electrical and mechanical installations (HVAC and other fluids), as well as in multi-technical maintenance. In these areas, JJTOMÉ has a wide range of solutions being able to offer a global service covering all phases of a project, from design to maintenance, according to customer needs.

JJTOMÉ has 70 years of existence and has more than 6,000 references. It is organised around an experienced management team, which has professional technicians, trained and qualified, concerned with safety and the goods they install or maintain, employing the best techniques.

Choosing JJTOMÉ means choosing the competitive advantages it can offer, as well as its ability to propose innovative solutions, supported by EIFFAGE ÉNERGIE SYSTÈMES, with the aim of creating a long-term relationship based on trust.

JJTOMÉ is installed in a sustained manner in Portugal.


  • Electrical Installations and Systems in Industrial Buildings and Large Public and Private Buildings;
  • Communications Infrastructures;
  • Electrical Infrastructures in Urbanisations;
  • Electrical Mobility - Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Public Lighting of Cities, Monuments and Motorway Lighting;
  • Underground and Overhead Distribution Networks in Low, Medium and High Voltage;
  • Assembly of Thermoelectric Power Plants and Emergency Groups;
  • Assembly of Substations and Transformer Stations;
  • Photovoltaic Parks Assembly;
  • Micro-generation Facilities (Thermal Solar, Photovoltaic Solar and Micro Wind Turbines);
  • Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation Facilities;
  • Water and Sewage Treatment Lifting Stations;
  • Water and Gas Networks;
  • Multi-technical Maintenance.