JJTOMÉ pays special attention to the health and safety of its employees with special attention to the commitment of the hierarchical line to the issues of safety and health. In addition to the Policy, the company has implemented a strategic plan for safety in which our ambition is “We become leaders in Safety in each Sector of activity” through the application of a letter of commitment and respect for the 6 key points.

"Through the application

of the letter of commitment

and respect for the 6 key points,

every effort is made

to adopt

and enforce

safety behaviours.

There is no tolerance

to behaviours

that put your life at risk."




  1. Consignment
    I make sure that the consignment (mechanical, electrical, etc.) is effective and I carry out the Voltage Absence Check for the electrical area.
  2. Collective protection
    I make sure that collective protections are present and are effective in my work zone.
  3. Individual protection
    I use the personal protective equipment suitable for my intervention.
  4. Machines, vehicles and cargo handling
    I remain:
    - outside the circulation zone of machinery or vehicles,
    - outside the moving cargo action zone.
  5. Safety Harness
    I use a safe attachment point to secure my harness.
  6. Signalling and Delimitation
    I signal and beacon my work.


Occupational Health is a priority intervention area for the prevention of occupational risks and diseases.

JJTOMÉ in partnership with a health services provider develops a follow-up of its employees since admission, through the monitoring of the works by the work physician and promotion of various campaigns and awareness raising in the area of health. There is a permanent articulation with the company's internal security services which allows complementarity in risk assessments for the safety and health of workers.