JJTOMÉ is aware of its environmental footprint and has incorporated environmental criteria by implementing an ISO 14001 certified environmental approach. This corporate approach helps control environmental impacts while contributing to the development of the environment anticipating future needs from a life cycle perspective.


One of the main challenges we face is to reduce the environmental impact of the activities developed, so a number of environmental indicators have been created to measure the organisation's environmental performance, developing improvement plans that reduce the environmental impacts of our activities. Among these indicators we can highlight the controls of consumption of raw materials and waste management.


Another challenge is JJTomé's active participation in the LIFE Imperial Project “Conservation of Iberian Imperial Eagle (Aquila adalberti) in Portugal", not only making known the project to all its employees, but also carrying out works in partnership with EDP Distribuição de Energia, S.A. that allow the minimisation of the problem of collision and electrocution of the birds with electrical networks.

LIFE Imperial