Tertiary Buildings

Our electricity and mechanical business units have extensive experience in the execution of large public and private tertiary buildings with high complexity, such as shopping centres, hospitals, hotels, offices, schools, universities and cultural.

Services we offer

Electrical Installations and Communications

• Distribution of electrical energy of MV and LV (medium voltage and low voltage)
• Assembly and installation of transformer and sectioning stations
• Assembly and installation of generating sets
• Assembly and installation of UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
• Assembly and installation of power factor compensation batteries
• General electrical installation (electrical switchboards, feeds, sockets and normal and emergency lighting)
• Ground Networks – Protection and Service
• Telecommunications, structured network and TV-R (Television and Radio)
• Data Centre
• Centralised Technical Management System
• Centralised clocks
• Fixed intercommunication, radio intercommunication, doorman’s video
• Car parks management and control
• Audio-visual, simultaneous translation, videoconferencing
• Photovoltaic self-consumption and Self-Consumption Photovoltaic Production Units, with the possibility of financing
• Electrical mobility - electric vehicle charging stations with the possibility of financing
• Maintenance

Security Systems

• AFDS – Fire Detection
• AGDS – Gas Detection
• ACMDS – Carbon Monoxide Detection
• AIRDS – Intrusion and Robbery
• AACS – Access Control
• AES – Automatic Extinguishing
• CCTV – Closed Circuit Television
• Security centralisation
• Intrinsic safety of gantries and RX scanners
• Sound and emergency ‘public address’/evacuation
• Maintenance

Electromechanical, HVAC, Hydraulic and Gas Facilities

• Air conditioning, ventilation and smoke removal systems.
• Water systems (hot sanitary water, potable water, raw water, pure water and irrigation).
• Sanitation systems (domestic sewage, rainwater drainage, water treatment stations (ETA`s), waste water treatment stations).
• Gas networks and PRM's (regulating and measuring station).
• Active fire-fighting networks (sprinklers, RIA, foaming agents, CO2 and inert gases).
• Energy efficiency systems (solar thermal and geothermal).
• Reuse and recycling of domestic and rainwater wastewater.
• Industrial/laboratory/hospital fluids (steam, compressed air, vacuum, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, humidification by electrodes).
• Integrated technical management systems and telemanagement of mechanical facilities
• Maintenance