The quality of our products and services largely depends on compliance with commitments and the ability to respond to the challenges faced by us, which is why the role of our suppliers is fundamental to the success of our activity.

We value suppliers who respect our values and commitments and who are committed to respecting them. We prioritize suppliers who share our environmental and social concerns, and in particular those who take measures to ensure safety in workplaces. We prefer long-term relationships, creating partnerships based on economic performance and contribution to environmental and/or social challenges.

We encourage relationships with suppliers focused on:

  • Quality, overall performance of the products or services provided and permanent capacity for improvement,
  • Implementation of developments and innovations that improve the quality of operation or the JJTOMÉ customer offer,
  • Long-lasting relationships that lead to the establishment of true partnerships,
  • Financial equity, management of risks that affect excessive financial dependence on the part of a supplier in relation to JJTOMÉ or reciprocally at a technical or technological level.

JJTOMÉ aims the following for all suppliers:

  • The information communicated is sincere and fair,
  • Compliance with national and international regulations, in particular those relating to competition,
  • Selection criteria for candidates and market breakdown,
  • Inform non-contracted suppliers with the reasons for refusing their proposals, without violating confidentiality rules,
    Respect for contracts, promises and commitments.

Aware of our commitments, we make available the Manual for Suppliers, which makes known our requirements in terms of quality, environment, safety and ethics, as well as membership/maintenance in our supplier exchange and our qualification and assessment requirements suppliers.

If you are not yet our supplier and it is of interest to you, you can contact our purchasing service via email at dcp.jjtome@eiffage.com.