Infrastructures and Networks

Substations and High Voltage Lines

We are a reference company in the design and construction of substations and high voltage (HV) lines.
We offer a global solution contemplating engineering, construction and maintenance of substations.

We have a team of specialised professionals with extensive experience and technical resources ensuring the success of the contracts regardless of their size.

Services we offer:

• Design, development and execution of projects (turnkey)
 • Integral or Partial construction of HV/MV or MV/MV substations and HV or MV Switching Stations
 • Integral or Partial refurbishment of HV floor and/or MV and/or Protection, Command and Control Systems
 • Functional testing and commissioning
• Civil construction of buildings, support and access
• Design, development and execution of high voltage lines
• Maintenance of substations and high voltage lines

Key numbers:

• More than a hundred interventions in substations from construction, and expansions to refurbishments
• More than 1,500 MVA of different typologies and stresses, from 60 kV to 400 kV
• More than 25 years of experience in Continuous Contract for EDP Distribuição

Medium and Low Voltage Infrastructures, Public Lighting and Affected Services

With more than 60 years of experience we are a reference and highly qualified company in the context of the affected services having a vast curriculum of projects of enormous organisational and technical complexity.
We are a reference company in the field of public lighting, having participated in most of the decorative lighting of the monuments of the city of Lisbon.
Since 1950 we have performed medium and low voltage electrical networks, being a reference in these areas.

Services we offer:

• Design, development and execution of projects (turnkey)
• Supply and installation of transformer stations
• Execution and maintenance of medium and low voltage electrical networks
• Extensions of connection to the mains
• Electrical mobility - electric vehicle charging stations with the possibility of financing
• Street lighting in cities, lighting in monuments, motorways, sports equipment
• Electrical and telecommunications infrastructure in plots
• Water supply and distribution networks
• Irrigation networks
• Sanitation networks
• Rainwater networks
• Fire networks
• Gas networks
• Functional testing and commissioning;
• Civil construction support work: opening of ditches, foundations of transformer stations and lighting towers
• Tunnel evacuation signalling – Benelux

Networks - E-REDES Continuous Contract

Since 1990, we are EDP (Eletricidade de Portugal [actual E-REDES]) partners in the construction and maintenance of the power grid distribution in Portugal, within the framework of continuous contracts, complying with all strict standards of service of the main producer and energy supplier in Portugal. We are currently responsible for the service of the extensive area of Alentejo covering more than 20,000 km2.

Services we offer:

• Network and clients’ works of construction, maintenance, repair, assistance, and performance of trade service orders, in High Voltage (HV), Medium Voltage (MV) and Low Voltage (LV) networks, which include the following Work Classes:
 • High Voltage Overhead Lines
 • High Voltage Underground Lines
 • Optical Fibres
 • Medium Voltage Overhead Lines
 • Medium Voltage Underground Lines
 • Teleservices
 • Sectioning and Transformer Stations
 • Low Voltage Overhead Network
 • Low Voltage Underground Network
 • Low Voltage Overhead Outlets
 • Low Voltage Underground Outlets
 • Public Lighting
 • MV counts
 • LV counts
 • Live Work in HV
 • Live Work in MV
 • Live Work, Cleaning and Small Conservation of Sectioning and Transformer Stations.

Key numbers:

• 60 years of experience in the public and private electricity distribution network, of which we highlight:
 • More than 40 years of work carried out for the EDP Group
 • More than 25 years of experience in Continuous Contract for EDP Distribuição