Multi-technical Maintenance

We have multidisciplinary teams accredited for several technical areas, which, working closely with the client, ensure the best service characterised by dedication, tight management and exemplarity.

Services we offer

Infrastructures and Networks

• Maintenance of substations and high voltage lines
• Maintenance and repair of the public and private electricity distribution network - High Voltage (HV), Medium Voltage (MV) and Low Voltage (LV).

Electrical Installations and Communications

• Maintenance and conservation of transformer stations
• Technical maintenance of electrical installations (low voltage, medium voltage, generating sets, centralised technical management)
• UPS maintenance (uninterruptible power supply)
• Telecommunications, structured network and TV-R (television and radio) maintenance
• Responsibility for the operation of electrical installations
• Electrical mobility - electric vehicle charging stations with the possibility of financing

Security Systems

Maintenance of the following systems:

• AFDS – Fire Detection
• AGDS – Gas Detection
• ACMDS – Carbon Monoxide Detection
• AIRDS – Intrusion and Robbery
• AACS – Access Control
• AES – Automatic Extinguishing
• CCTV – Closed Circuit Television
• Security centralisation
• Intrinsic safety of gantries and RX scanners
• Sound and emergency ‘public address’/evacuation

Photovoltaic Production

• Technical maintenance of electromechanical facilities (solar collectors, photovoltaic panels)

Electromechanical, HVAC and Hydraulic installations

• Maintenance of HVAC systems
• Maintenance of Refrigeration Equipment / Cold Stores
• Maintenance of water and sewage systems
• Fire Fighting System
• Fire fighting centre - ANPC (Autoridade Nacional de Proteção Civil [National Civil Protection Authority]) registration
• Water treatment systems and laboratory analyses

Mechanical Facilities

• Maintenance of bucket conveyors, dedusting filters
• Maintenance of fans, blowers
• Maintenance of silo extraction dispensers
• Maintenance of pneumatic cylinders
• Maintenance of tippers
• Maintenance/repair of burners and plastic applicators
• Maintenance/repair of helical conveyors
• Maintenance/repair of loading sleeves
• Maintenance/repair of cranes
• Replacement and alignment of screens/conveyor straps
• SETUP changes
• Construction of small metal parts/structures
• Maintenance of bagging and palletizing lines
• Maintenance of bulk lines
• Instrumentation and Measurements (Industry)


• Consultancy and management in Clinical Engineering,
• Multi-brand preventive and corrective maintenance on electromechanical and electromedicine equipment.

Other Services

• Management and implementation of building management (maintenance management software)
• Services of technician responsible for building operation
• Augmented reality