Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is an area of multidisciplinary activity. JJTOMÉ is particularly well qualified as it counts in its various business areas with the experience and technical skills that are relevant to its approach. We propose integrated, tailor-made solutions whether or not with funding included. We have a relevant curriculum, built on acquired and ongoing experience.

Services we offer

Global Energy Efficiency Solutions

• Energy efficiency projects (Financing solutions for companies, design, construction, operation and maintenance)
• Software development of energy management systems
• Electrical mobility - electric vehicle charging stations with the possibility of financing
• Power factor compensation batteries
• Indoor and outdoor lighting
• Remodelling of thermal power plants for the production and distribution of cold and hot water for HVAC system
• Remodelling of terminal units of the HVAC system
• Production of domestic hot water through alternative systems (solar heating, recovery of chillers, heat pumps)
• Centralised technical management systems
• Auto photovoltaic consumption and storage, Self-Consumption Photovoltaic Production Units, with the possibility of financing
• Automation