We collaborate with the largest companies in this industrial sector.

With multidisciplinary teams consisting of qualified professionals we offer our customers tailor-made solutions in line with their needs.

Services we offer

Electrical Installations and Communications

• Distribution of electrical energy of MV and LV (medium voltage and low voltage)
• Assembly and installation of transformer and sectioning stations
• Assembly and installation of generating sets and grid inverters
• Assembly and installation of insulation transformers
• Counting Systems
• Assembly and installation of UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
• Assembly and installation of power factor compensation batteries
• General electrical installation (electrical switchboards, feeds, sockets and normal and emergency lighting)
• Ground Networks – Protection and Service
• Telecommunications and structured network
• Data Centre
• Centralised Technical Management System
• Centralised clocks
• Fixed intercommunication, radio intercommunication, doorman’s video
• Car parks management and control
• Audio-visual, simultaneous translation, videoconferencing
• Assembly and installation of Rectifiers - ACAS (Alternate Current Auxiliary Services), CCAS (Continuous Current Auxiliary Services)
• Instrumentation and Automatic Systems
• Speed Variation and Electric Motors
• Refurbishment of transformer and sectioning stations, emergency plants in service facilities
• Detection and resolution of Medium Voltage and Low Voltage breakdowns (LV equipment, power transformers, main switchboards, electrical conduits, etc.)
• Commissioning of MV and LV facilities
• Maintenance of Transformer and Sectioning Stations
• Electrical mobility - electric vehicle charging stations with the possibility of financing

Security Systems

Assembly and installation of the following systems:
• AFDS – Fire Detection
• AGDS – Gas Detection
• ACMDS – Carbon Monoxide Detection
• AIRDS – Intrusion and Robbery
• AACS – Access Control
• AES – Automatic Extinguishing
• CCTV – Closed Circuit Television
• Security centralisation
• Intrinsic safety of gantries and RX scanners
• Sound and emergency ‘public address’/evacuation

Photovoltaic Production

• Construction of large-generation photovoltaic parks and Self-Consumption Photovoltaic Production Units, with the possibility of financing
• Photovoltaic self-consumption (project, design and construction)
• Maintenance and operation of facilities

Electromechanical, HVAC, Hydraulic and Gas Facilities

• Air conditioning, ventilation and smoke removal systems.
• Water systems (hot sanitary water, potable water, raw water, pure water and irrigation).
• Sanitation systems (domestic sewage, rainwater drainage, water treatment stations (ETA`s), waste water treatment stations).
• Gas networks and PRM's (regulating and measuring station).
• Active fire-fighting networks (sprinklers, RIA, foaming agents, CO2 and inert gases).
• Energy efficiency systems (solar thermal and geothermal).
• Reuse and recycling of domestic and rainwater wastewater.
• Industrial/laboratory/hospital fluids (steam, compressed air, vacuum, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, humidification by electrodes).
• Integrated technical management systems and telemanagement of mechanical facilities
• Maintenance of Refrigeration Equipment / Cold Stores

Mechanical Facilities

• Maintenance of bucket conveyors, dedusting filters
• Maintenance of bagging and palletizing lines
• Maintenance of bulk lines
• Maintenance/repair of Fans, blowers, silo extraction dispensers, pneumatic cylinders, burners, plastic applicators, helical conveyors, tippers, loading sleeves, cranes
• Replacement and alignment of screens/conveyor straps
• Construction of small metal parts/structures
• SETUP changes
• Welding, replacement and processing of mechanical organs such as gears, bearings, rollers, conveyor rollers, etc.