Generate value, producing with excellence, global engineering services in special technical facilities, promoting social, environmental sustainability and the safety of its employees.



  • Prevent by all means the occurrence of accidents at work and occupational diseases;
  • Systematically identify the hazards and manage them through an appropriate risk assessment for taking action subsequently to minimise them;
  • Promote the consultation and participation of all, through surveys and the letter of commitment ‘Strategic Plan - Axis of Security’.


Social and Environmental Responsibility

  • Worry about the social problems of employees and populations of the places where it develops its activity;
  • Promote the personal and professional development of employees;
  • Contribute to environmental sustainability, as well as promote pollution prevention;
  • Minimise the environmental impacts arising from its activities, fostering the rational use of natural resources.


Ambition and Audacity

  • Promote guidance for results;
  • Promote performance, proactivity and overcoming objectives.

Rigour and Ethics

  • Act transparently with shareholders, administration, clients, partners and employees;
  • Comply with the technical specifications, the term and price agreed with the client;
  • Promote balanced and fair hiring and relationship with suppliers and subcontractors.



  • Stand out for the good example of complying first and enforce the established guidelines;
  • Comply with applicable legal requirements and other compliance obligations that the organisation subscribes to.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

  • Promote the spirit of innovation and creativity;
  • Promote and develop continuous improvement actions, based on the experience and knowledge acquired.


Team Spirit

  • Encourage teamwork, collaboration and mutual aid for the benefit of the whole.

These commitments are made up and transmitted at the highest level through our Policy.