Aguia Imperial

JJTOMÉ taking the commitment as “Guardian of the Imperial Eagle”, within the scope of the TBT-ACE of which it is part, supported on June 26 in Castro Verde, the LPN – League for the Protection of Nature, in the appointment of three Iberian imperial eagle cubs, with GPS transmitters for remote tracking, contributing to the minimization of one of the main threats to the imperial eagle – electrocution. A team of technicians and equipment was made available by JJTOMÉ, which made it possible to reach the nest that was in a tree structure that prevented access by climbing.


It is with pride that JJTOMÉ is a partner in the voluntary support of this LIFE Imperial Project, for the conservation of the imperial eagle and Nature, which we consider of high importance, as it aims to promote the involvement of civil society in the conservation of the imperial eagle and nature, actively integrating and valuing Conservation in their daily lives.


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