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03 Jul 2020
Aguia Imperial


JJTOMÉ taking the commitment as “Guardian of the Imperial Eagle”, within the scope of the TBT-ACE of which it is part, supported on June 26 in Castro Verde, the LPN – League for the Protection of Nature, in the appointment of three Iberian imperial eagle cubs, with GPS transmitters for remote tracking, contributing to the minimization of one of the main threats to the imperial eagle – electrocution. A team of technicians and equipment was made available by JJTOMÉ, which […]

12 Feb 2020

Achilles Certificate

JJTomé acquired last March the status of ACHILLES CERTIFIED SUPPLIER.

12 Feb 2020
Semana Segurança 2019

Safety Week | 2019

JJTOMÉ will celebrate with all its employees the annual safety event promoted internationally by EIFFAGE ÉNERGIE SYSTÈMES. The event dedicated to the theme ‘Risk Prevention in The Preparation of Work’ will take place next week and aims to strengthen the culture of EIFFAGE ÉNERGIE SYSTÈMES in what concerns safety and health.

12 Feb 2020


JJTOMÉ signed this Monday, December 2, the contract works for ‘Implementation of Energy Efficiency Solutions in the Mértola City Hall buildings and Services Building in Serpa’. This intervention is related to an application submitted by CIMBAL (Comunidade Intermunicipal do Baixo Alentejo – Intermunicipal Community of Lower Alentejo) and approved by INTERREG MED (Mediterranean), in order to stimulate the research and development of innovative technologies as well as solutions in the sector of green growth: renewable energies, energy efficiency, recycling, smart […]

12 Feb 2020
Life Imperial


JJTOMÉ was honoured on November 15 in Castro Verde, during the Seminar ‘Conservation of Birds of Prey’ organised by the LPN – League for the Protection of Nature – and the Municipality of Castro Verde under the LIFE Imperial Project. This seminar staged an international meeting on the conservation of the Imperial Eagle, whose objective aimed at disseminating the results obtained under this project, as well as the recognition of the performance demonstrated by those involved. JJTOMÉ, although signing only […]

12 Feb 2020


JJTOMÉ supports the #anewlifeinside initiative…

12 Feb 2020
12 Feb 2020
Prémio ALMA

JJTOMÉ receives ‘Alma Prize’

JJTOMÉ was awarded the ‘Alma Prize’ by EDP Distribuição last 18 June, as part of its Annual Meeting of Network Directions and Concessions that took place in Aveiro. This award aimed to recognise the various External Service Providers for the performance shown in 2018 at the time of the Storm Leslie and fires that occurred.

12 Feb 2020

Visit to CUF Tejo works

JJTOMÉ’s Site Management together with EIFFAGE ÉNERGIE SYSTÈMES International Director and JJTOMÉ’s Management made a visit to the latest major project underway. An exceptional project!

12 Feb 2020
Aqueduto Évora

Inauguration Água Prata Aqueduct Lighting – Évora | MUNICIPALITIES & COMMUNITIES

JJTOMÉ attended this public ceremony on 6 August 2019 at the invitation of the Mayor, Mr. Carlos Pinto de Sá. The intervention focused on the section located between Rua do Muro and Rua do Salvador and was undertaken by JJTOMÉ, to which the task of ‘illuminating the aqueduct’ was delegated, for the first time, at 9:45 pm on the big day. Using European funding, the intervention focused on the elevations, top-capping and underside of the arches. The project sought to […]